Joi Polloi's first intern - Joi Polloi

In December 2016, we were joined by Nina, an MA student from the University of London, for a 2 week internship. She has kindly written about her time here…

Hi I’m Nina and I’ve just finished my time being Joi Polloi’s first ever intern (🎉)

On my first day, I started off by putting my research skills to the test. I was tasked with completing research to investigate how big budget dramas are being promoted online, across both UK and US broadcasters and online providers, trying to find examples of exceptional creativity in terms of their interactive, social and video content. I also had to document the viewing and sharing stats of these dramas across platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

However, before I could even start this I had to master the use of a Mac… How do I turn it on? Do Macs even have a # button? However, I powered through and managed to master a few key tricks like how to turn it on and how to copy and paste. Take that, Apple. Intern 1. Apple 0.

Girl doing peace sign
(CC) Brian Solis.

After my day researching, I felt like I had put together quite a comprehensive list of drama series and programmes that creatively use their online presence to boost their audience reach. DAY 1 PRO: I found this research really interesting as I never took much notice of the creative use of social media by TV shows but, whilst doing this research, I begun to realise what an important marketing tool this really is and how it really does help to create buzz around a TV show or channel. DAY 1 CON: I now have another 271 TV shows I feel I now have to binge watch all in the name of research…

Thankfully, even though I was now a pro in Apple software, by Day 2 I was relieved of my Mac and gifted a Windows laptop I could actually use properly (no problems with hashtags on this one #winning). I was tasked with researching for a project called ‘Know Your Place’, which is a website launched by Joi Polloi as part of a wider celebration of the 200th anniversary of Charlotte Bronte’s birth.

I had to research individuals who would complete the website’s bank of people who had challenged society’s norms, defied conventional wisdom and not taken “No” for an answer. I had no clue how I could even begin to follow some of those already on the bill, who ranged from Rosa Parks to Dolly Parton to Malala Yousafzai?!

Thankfully, I was saved by the kind people of Twitter, who provided me with many more worthwhile individuals who fitted the bill and who could perfectly finish the collection. From a shortlist, I was able to select three extremely worthy candidates. How to get their huge achievements into the 100 word limit of the website description though?! That was a task that I thought would take me 5 minutes but which in fact took most of the day (dospacescount?!) but I think I managed it (phew!).

The following day, I was also able to sit in on my first Joi Polloi creative meeting. I was a bit nervous that my contributions would be leaning towards the rubbish suggestions side, but I need not have worried. We began discussing a client brief that had just been received. Discussion ranged from what sort of content would be most acceptable to what would fit the client’s budget and all things very important and serious.

It was on this day I also found myself no longer able to resist the lure of the biscuit table: a staple piece of office furniture I now feel should be required by law in every office. I also managed to eat my bodyweight in doughnuts before 11am.

Across the rest of the weeks, I was able to take part in researching and producing content on a whole range of subjects including the interests and Christmas wishes of 6–12 year olds; a geographical world tour (I don’t think someone has used a Google search beginning with the words ‘fun facts about..’ more in the space of six hours); and British darts players.

During my time at Joi Polloi, I was able to witness how all of the behind the scenes magic of the online world actually appears on screens, seeing how the content varies and how it might look different on different internet browsers or email programmes. This again is something I had never really given much thought before but something I now realise is so important!

So as I am writing this in my final hours in the Joi Polloi office, I’m really sad to be going! I had the best time at Joi Polloi, the team are absolutely fab and it’s such a nice place to work. So thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome and for a top class work experience and hopefully I’ll see you all at some point in the future!

Nina xoxo