Film4 Productions are behind some of the biggest hits of worldwide cinema. Our clean, cinematic website helps film aficionados explore the catalogue and discover what’s on the horizon.

The Circle

The Circle was a first in reality TV - a programme whose success relied on the digital platform at its heart. We brought that vision to life, creating both the digital platform and the chart-topping mobile app for viewer participation.

Animal Rescue Live

Working hand in paw with Channel 4 we built the website that underpinned the pet adoption process for this ambitious live 5-day programme.


When online superstar Zoella wanted to update her image, our redesign brought her a grown-up look on a secure, stable platform. The fans loved it - page views increased by 529%.

BBC Glastonbury

How to make the “best festival in the world” even better? Make an online tool so that music lovers can create a personalised line-up, complete with calendar alerts and a cool poster for social sharing.

Live From Space

We helped bring Space to Britain’s screens with our BAFTA Award-winning work, designing and developing the branding, promotional assets and a website full of interactive experiences for an out-of-this-world TV event.


It’s one of the biggest and best-loved shows on British TV. We made sure the official website and app were just as delicious as every star bake.

NHM: Venom

A killer game of ‘Would You Rather’, designed with social media in mind, which took users through a journey of grim discovery. The resulting experience was an unnerving, educational and highly shareable promotion for the exhibition.


In the promotional build-up to the programme and through its first two seasons, we enhanced the fiction and boosted the storytelling with our BAFTA Award winning website for Persona Synthetics.