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A new online home for the powerhouse of British film-making.

Film4 Productions is one of the UK’s best known film production companies, with a reputation for working with some of the most distinctive and innovative talent in international filmmaking. Developing and co-financing films since 1982, it has won multiple Oscars, and shaped the cinematic landscape in Britain and around the world.

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Film 4 website on a phone
Film 4 website on an iPad

Joi Polloi redesigned and rebuilt the website to bring it in line with new branding guidelines, increase the quality of information available to visitors, and to improve users’ experience.

We focused heavily on cinematic imagery and a clean design with an intuitive navigation. The result is a thoughtfully designed, responsive and visually impactful site that represents the history and vision of Film4 productions. Every film ever made is catalogued,  providing the definitive guide to the company’s output available across desktop and mobile devices.

Screengrabs of the Film4 website

The website is easily maintained using a Drupal-based content management system, meaning the Film4 team can update and organise the website’s content as new films are added, and cope with levels of traffic around announcements and publicity. The site is also integrated with TV schedules, to automatically signpost when films are being broadcast.

Screengrabs of the Film4 website

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