Live From Space - Joi Polloi

BAFTA Award winning multi-platform TV for the first live documentary from the International Space Station.

Live From Space was an ambitious TV event; broadcasting live from the International Space Station. We were commissioned to create interactive elements to deeply engage the audience in the show.

Our brief was to reflect the human side of living and working in space. Working closely with the production conmpany and Channel 4, we designed and developed the visual brand for the series, the website, and all the assets for the production company and social media. The website provided lots of exclusive additional content, along with opportunities to ask astronauts questions, and a test to find out if they were suited to a life in space, 

A specially-created HTML5 mini-game allowed viewers at home to test their skills in zero-gravity, which the astronauts aboard the ISS recreated and played for real as part of the live TV show. Over 870,000 balls were fired in the Earth vs Astronauts game by viewers, celebrities and NASA astronauts (62% were on target).

An interactive documentary featuring Commander Chris Hadfield told the dramatic story of his first space walk. It included exclusive video narrated by Chris, interactive equipment guides and specially commissioned 3D graphics and animation.

We also built an ISS tracker, which allowed the audience to see the position of the space station relative to their own location on Earth, in real time. This was used by 247,000 viewers to follow the astronaut’s journey around the globe during the live broadcast.

For our part in this extraordinary project we won a BAFTA Award for Digital Creativity, and were awarded an achievement certificate by NASA.

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