MiniFigs - Joi Polloi

Building a seamless purchasing experience on Shopify with added fun and joy

MiniFigs Lego-ise famous faces and characters, and can immortalise you in the iconic yellow plastic through high quality custom printing.  Their customers come to them to purchase a fun product that makes people smile – their online shopping experience is the beginning of that journey and should spark joy too! logo
Minifigs build instructions
Minifigs showing their customisable faces and hair
The minifigs website sitting nicely on an iPad

The original MiniFigs website was outdated and needed an overhaul. It was built in WooCommerce using an off-the-shelf theme not tailored for their products. The great thing about MiniFigs is how they tap into whatever the current zeitgeist is, but with no clear categorisation, 4 years of topical products had left the site fragmented and difficult to navigate. The team needed a platform to support continued growth in the shop – in product range and personalisation opportunities. With some redevelopment, MiniFigs had the potential to offer a seamless online purchasing journey whilst offering customers a fun and joyful experience.

The minifigs custom builder shown at mobile size

We delivered a clean, fun, responsive site, rebuilding their WooCommerce store in Shopify, to provide a solid foundation for online activities. This included a thorough and complete re-organisation of the products – going through all 1,300 of them to identify the best placement and improving their content and tone. 

To make the site stand apart from its competitors we created the figure builder. Our new tool streamlines bespoke figure creation, an all-in-one wizard with a handy overview of the assembled figure for the customer, and for the MiniFigs team an easy to process order in the admin back-end.  

The site has seen a 67% increase in orders since website relaunch.

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