Surprises in UK heritage - Joi Polloi

From September 10th-19th thousands of volunteers across the UK invite you to experience local history, architecture and culture all for free for the UK Heritage open days. At Joi Polloi we do lots of interesting projects within the heritage and culture sector, and we wanted to show you some behind the scenes of the surprising things we’ve been working on with Wentworth Woodhouse.

We’ve been working in partnership with Wentworth Woodhouse, a stately home in Rotherham, to create a virtual tour of the house, and an augmented reality game for kids called ‘Hide and Find’. The virtual tours enable you to explore a range of different aspects of Wentworth from the comfort of a computer, with a video of a tour guide to take you round the various rooms.

Secret Rooms

After our initial research, we were invited to see the hidden parts of Wentworth, to explore how we could make these accessible to the public through virtual tours.

Hidden Gems

We were also invited to explore future ideas and concepts, where we went for a look round their stables, which are not usually accessible to the public.

Virtual Tour Guides

Virtual tours need a virtual tour guide! We filmed a guided history of the house which we could put into the tours.

A New Way of Exploring

Having the tours of the house made virtual opens a lot of doors for Wentworth and it’s visitors. You’re now able to visit the house through technology no matter how far away you live, plus it means the house is now fully accessible for the elderly and anyone with mobility difficulties. The virtual tours will also make it possible for the public to visit never before seen areas of UK heritage, gaining a different perspective of the buildings we know and love, and exploring new places they might never have been without virtual tours.