Wharncliffe Works is our new home - Joi Polloi

The day has arrived for Joi Polloi to take a leap into the future and move into our beautiful renovated premises.

When we first set eyes on Wharncliffe Works, we knew that there was a huge task ahead of us. Electricity, water and waste systems were non-existent and, with a target completion date just 2 months away, the worry was that we’d bitten off more than we could chew. However, after 9 weeks of solid work and determination, from what started as a daunting and seemingly impossible task, we’ve arrived at a truly inspiring destination.

Although we are still putting in the finishing touches, the Grade II listed building is stunning, with many of its original features still in place. We are pleased to have worked with Henry Halls, who have worked alongside us to help realise our vision for this wonderful old space.

Finishing touches being made to the reception area

Originally used for iron and steel works, it’s a perfect example of Sheffield’s heritage. Wharncliffe Works was built in the 1860s for Steel & Garland, manufacturers of iron stoves, grates and fenders and wood and marble chimney pieces. The company was extremely successful, with a large, elegant showroom in London and exports to the United States. The Works continued to be used for iron and steel working right up until the late 1980s.

Kelham Island — home to plenty of cafes and restaurants

The Kelham Island area has been described as “Sheffield’s answer to Shoreditch”. It’s becoming a thriving, mixed-used community, where new eco-friendly housing rubs shoulders with state-of-the-art office space created in centuries-old workshops. It’s home to two of Sheffield’s most famous real ale pubs and a growing number of cafes and eateries ranging from the not-so-humble burger to gourmet tasting menus.

As I explained in my earlier post A place to call our own — part 1, we were looking for a space with a creative legacy and tangible purpose, where we could shape an environment that gave us more room to think, collaborate, explore, build and share. I think we’ve really made it happen.

The restored hardwood windows brighten up the entire workspace, creating a vibrant area for the team to work together. The desks have been custom-made for us by Chop Shop, a “digital fabrication business” based in Sheffield and Berlin. You can check out their work at www.chopshopcnc.com.

The main office

The bare brick walls, wooden beams and metal pillars all add personality to the space. Despite suggestions to cover these features up, we decided to hold on to as many original characteristics as possible, in order to remind us of the building’s history and maintain the link between the work that we do and the makers of the past.

Wharncliffe Works also provides us with plenty of additional space, offering more room and opportunities for client collaboration, generating ideas and hosting events.

The reception

The move has arrived at the perfect time and allows both physical and mental space for Joi Polloi to grow and develop. With many new and exciting creative projects to work on, the new office will provide a great environment for creative thinking. There are many more updates to come, watch this space for further developments.

The Joi Polloi team

We love talking all things digital with like-minded people. If you would like to come and check out the new office and discuss a project with the team, please contact info@joipolloi.com.